Texas on My Mind

First and foremost, I’d like to apologize that this is the 3rd post in a row that involves geography, but I can’t rearrange these things so you’re just going to have to manually read these in a different order if it bothers you so much.

Country music.

I have not been able to put enough country music in my ears since I got back from Texas. (It’s been 4 days.) I’m not saying I want to move back to Austin, I’m just saying that the town, and my friends there, kick some serious ass.

It’s no secret that we from Texas have more pride for our state than any other losers from anywhere else. We are obsessed with ourselves. We love our chips and we love our salsa. We love our lakes and we love our beers. We love our road trips, our sunsets, and of course our pickup trucks. But there’s nothing we love more than our country music.

BECAUSE COUNTRY MUSIC IS MAGIC. Once a song is loved, it is forever loved. Unlike any other genre, there’s no such thing as listening to a country song so much that one day while it’s on repeat you realize you loathe it. And it’s because that country song will always bring you right back to where you were when you first fell in love with it.

The only other things I know to have that reliable power to remind you where you were, are tragedies and terrorist attacks.

Country music is 100% more enjoyable than either of those things.

Having since lived in a thousand places that aren’t Texas, I don’t hear country music often. But when I do, dear God do I remember how much fucking fun it is. When I was in Austin over New Years, I finally got another taste of it. But as usual, my trip was way too short, rendering me unable to get my fix. (Just one more song!) So now here I am, back in New York City in my body, but in my mind I’m still where I want to be – with my friends in Austin.

If you’ve walked by my desk at any time since Monday, you’ve noticed my headphones in full effect. “Hmm, I wonder if she’s having a Kanye or a Kings of Leon day?,” you asked yourself. Well ma’am or sir, the answer is neither. Because guess what? I’ve been blasting the shit out of some good ‘ol country western music.


So as far as my mind is concerned, I’m still in Austin, still with my lovely lovely friends, and still deciding if I should order another margarita or switch to Tecate.

Happy 2010, everyone.


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