Where is the perfect city?

New York is too stressful.

LA is too fake.

Austin is too small.

Miami is too hot.

Seattle is too rainy.

Amsterdam is too far.

London is too expensive.

Boulder is too college-y.

San Francisco is too cold.

And so on, and so on, and so on…


I want to live in the best city there is. So if you have any suggestions, by all means speak the truth to me.


If I could, I’d give Michael J. Fox the moon.

One of my all time favorite movies ever = The Back to the Future Trilogy.

It’s truly fantastic. I wish I wrote it. I wish I starred in it –  as Marty McFly (no thank you on the girlfriend role, i want more camera time). I wish I could watch it for the first time again. Thank god for YouTube – because with a few clicks I can always watch this music video and be reminded of what pure joy feels like inside.

Thank you for making these movies, who ever made these movies.

Get Out of Your Head

Improv is a tricky thing. A damn tricky thing. When you’re in practice, you just want to be good. And when you’re on a stage, you just need to be good. And with all the techniques you’re been studying – the ‘yes and’ing, the ‘if that then what else’,  the ‘playing to the top of your intelligence’ – it sounds simple enough, right?

Every once in a while, it actually does feel quite simple. Everything comes together beautifully. Your brain is clicking and your energy level is right where it needs to be. You and your team are having the time of your lives up there, while the audience pays you back in laughter. I can’t accurately describe the fantastic feeling you get when you make a connection in your head,  play it,  and a collective burst of laughter emerges from the darkness behind those lights. At the risk of sounding lame as shit – it makes you feel alive. Like the most powerful person on the planet. “Muahaha! Yes, you will all laugh when I tell you to laugh, and I shall live forever!”

But on the flip side, and perhaps more often than not, there are those times you are up on that stage with those lights in your face and so many ideas are flashing through your mind that you can’t seem to catch one long enough to use it. The result of this inability to make a decision is the empty sound of crickets in the audience. That is the purest feeling of ‘failure’. You want to apologize, “I’m so so sorry, you guys. Maybe we should just call it quits today and you can all come back tomorrow and I’ll try to make you not hate me again?”

The easiest way to get through these bad days is to remember that it will all be over soon. Someone will sweep the scene and you can head back to the safe world of leaning against the back wall, watching your team members pick up the slack and do that thing for the audience that makes them laugh and laugh. And in a few moments, they’ll forget about the catastrophe you just created up there. But the bad news about this is that this “safe world” against the back line totally and completely sucks! I mean, it SUUUCKS. It’s boring and shameful and NOT the reason you spend all that time practicing improv, watching improv, and studying improv.

In my experience, when I’m spending too much time on the back line, it’s because I’m so far inside my head that nothing on the outside happens. And all the audience gets to see is a coward, and this cheats them. They didn’t pay money to watch someone stand still and think up funny stuff in their mind for a half hour. They paid to see funny stuff.

My last three shows I feel I have been acting a coward. This is not who I want to be. Not in improv, and also – not in life.

So in my efforts to find the root of the problem, I’ve been forced to trace this cowardly behavior all the way from leaning against the back wall, to how I act on a day-to-day basis outside of improv.

And I’ve found that there are situations and things in my general life that need to change. This couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s Thanksgiving next week. Christmas is right around the corner. And after that? Ah yes, 2010.

The Coward Inside: But, changing things means you won’t know what will happen. That’s so scary!!!

The Rest of Me: Shut the fuck up.

I’m going to change a lot of things in 2010. Big things. And if you’ve been finding yourself acting cowardly lately, then maybe you should think about changing some things too. Because ultimately, making bold and confident decisions the only way to get the laughs, and that’s really all we want anyway, right?

The answer is 6.

The question is how many days have I been carrying around the same workout clothes in my backpack, never to put them on?

The other answer is 2.

The other question is how many times have I eaten a gigantic bowl of frozen yogurt with most likely 1000 calories of various toppings on top in the last 24 hours.

The last answer is 1.

The last question is how many days till I plan to work out again.

I’m going home. And I’m going to stop at Yogurtland on my way. I’ll  wear forgiving spandex tomorrow. Probably something a lot like this:

Fuck it.

NYC – On the West Side Highway

The only time it’s alright to spit in public is when you are in the process of completing a long run, standing at a red light sweaty and out of breath, waiting for the cars to let up so you can get back to owning the streets on foot.

Otherwise, spitting in public is the nastiest thing in the world. Do not do it ever, please.

Tonight, I was in the setting I just painted above. Light was red. I looked cool. I was in gray. I was sweaty. High ponytail. Tight running pants. It was night. I was waiting to cross the West Side Highway. I was listening to Jay-z. I was a badass.

A young fella, about my age with a gorgeous head of hair, appeared near me. He was sort of jogging around in a circle waiting for the light to change too. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I decided to spit… as if this would be attractive in the eyes of a fellow runner.

It was a total disaster. A car drove by and the wind blew in my face, causing me to spit pretty much directly on my hands and iPod.

He saw it happen. And then we had to cross the street together for the last time ever. He didn’t even say goodbye.

Dawson. Sara Dawson.

I know it’s cliche to love Titanic, but for the record it’s also cliche to hate it. 

Hear me out here. If you let it, Titanic can touch your heart. It can entertain you. It can make you laugh. Make you cry. You can experience what it may have been like to be on that ship, and wonder what you would have done had you been faced with such a horrific death. It can teach you about history. Inspire you to be good. And if you are a young girl, it can make you so excited about love! Is this a super cheesy thing to say? Sure. But this is my blog, remember?! I can say whatever I want!

JACK DAWSON IS THE TRUTH. My dream man. Funny. Outgoing. Attentive. Confident. Huge heart. Attractive. Laid back. Fun! Adventurous. Caring. Creative… I could go on forever. I know, I know, he’s every girl’s dream, but at some point in our relationship and unbeknownst to them, I compare each serious boyfriend I have to Jack Dawson.

Unfortunately, Jack always wins. Like, it’s not even close.

When Titanic came out, I was a couple of months into being 17. I was one of those emotional teens, which is not exactly rare. And I remember after seeing it in theatres a bunch of times (5, if you must know), I told my mom I was in love with him. I was straight faced – I was dead serious. “Not Leonardo DiCaprio, don’t be misunderstood,” I said, “This isn’t some brief celebrity crush, I’m talking about the actual character, Jack Dawson. He’s it, Mom. That’s who I want.” Her response makes total sense, but I wasn’t having it. “Sara,” she laughed, “there is no such thing as a man like Jack Dawson – he’s a character in a movie – you’re SUPPOSED to love him! He. Does. Not. Exist!”


So Jack or Someone Exactly Like Jack, if you’re out there and you still like to do charcoal drawings, I’ll gladly take my clothes off for you. Just shoot me an email and we’ll set something up. xoxo

Picture 77

Picture 75

Picture 76

(Just sayin.)

Genius: Where the Wild Things Are. The Movie.

I will tell you why this is genius when I have a minute. I just didn’t want to forget what I was thinking, so I’m posting this now.